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3 in 1 Food Cart Business
Buy: $65000.0 PHP
Stainless Food Warmer
Buy: $50000.0 PHP
Ice Cream Machine - Miguelitos
Buy: $60000.0 PHP
Restaurant Paging System
Buy: $35000.0 PHP
Sumo Drafting Stool Adjustable Height Drafting Stool,Bar Stool BS-16BLK (Black)
$1299.0 PHP
Silog Canteen, 10sqm, 10 feet from school
Buy: $42000.0 PHP
POS Machine HP Brand @ Monitors
Buy: $95000.0 PHP
Seisha Charcoal
Buy: $150.0 PHP
Photobooth Services
Buy: $3300.0 PHP
Lincoln Impinger 1116 Gas Fired Converyor Oven
$75000.0 PHP
Stainless Steel Top Aluminum Round Pantry Table AT-60R-costulessph With Warranty
$1499.0 PHP
Sumo Designer Adjustable Height Faux Leather Bar Chair - BC-31RED
$2799.0 PHP
Sumo Elegant Acrylic Top Bar Chair Furniture BC-38BLK with Warranty (Black)
$2599.0 PHP
Sumo Deluxe Aluminum Wicker Chair AWC-101BEI - costulessph With Warranty
$1099.0 PHP
Sumo SC-16 Designer Plastic Stacking Chair Bar Chair Restaurant Furniture (Red)
$1199.0 PHP
Sumo Deluxe Aluminum Outdoor Chair  ACA-103DLX costulessph With Warranty
$1099.0 PHP
Sumo Round Top Aluminum Pantry Table AT-60R costulessph With Warranty
$1599.0 PHP
Stainless Steel Top Aluminum Round Pantry Table -AT-60RDLX With Warranty
$1999.0 PHP
Sumo AST-05 Deluxe Aluminum Table Stand-Silver AST-05-costulessph With Warranty
$1799.0 PHP
Sumo Colored Round Top Aluminum Square Pantry Table AT-60S -costulessph
$1599.0 PHP
Stainless Steel Top Aluminum Square Pantry Table AT-60S costulessph W/ Warranty
$1499.0 PHP
Sumo Deluxe Aluminum Flat Wicker Chair w/ Wire Inside AWC-1BEI With Warranty
$1499.0 PHP
Magician, Clown and Puppet Show
Buy: $3500.0 PHP
JA Henckels Fine Edge 4PC Knife chef paring sharpening steel #XmasBonus
$3750.0 PHP
Fiberglass Delivery Box for Pizza Etc. Slightly Used Very Nice!
$4999.0 PHP
Condura Chest Freezer 5.3 Cu. Ft with Warranty until Feb 2018
Buy: $10000.0 PHP
Baked goods
Buy: $65.0 PHP
Buy: $1500.0 PHP
faberware meat tenderizer
$750.0 PHP
Stainless Steel Cashiers 2-tier Table
$3500.0 PHP
$1500.0 PHP
stainless steel cookware Basics 12-Piece Set
$9999.75 PHP
Nemco Vegetable Tomato Slicer model 55600
$8000.0 PHP
Stainless Steel Cabinet for Baked Breads, Pastries, Pies, Casseroles
$25000.0 PHP
Teeth Whitening 3D Insta-Mold Tray 2-Pack•No Hot Water•Match Contour of Teeth
$1390.0 PHP